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Michael Gale - Finding Investors - Tablon b2b

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Michael Gale


Meetings Completed: 41

Rank: 1st

Patrick Mensah (5 Star – I met an Amazing yet experienced investor with deep knowledge and understanding of diverse industries. A very welcoming gentleman who I can potentially call a mentor. Over all we had a great meeting I will termed a success)

Andrey Didenko (5Star – We talked quite deeply on the startup and what the investor wants to see and expects. And we agreed that he would pass my startup details to his analyst for the further review)

Abhishek Chatterjee (4Star – Good meeting. We will connect again & hopefully it will be fruitful.)

Christopher Lock (5 Star – It was very fruitful)

Ronnie Leyes (5 Star – Mr Gale is a seasoned business angel knowledgeable about the space our startup operates in. We spoke in detail about the team, technology, target market etc and Mr Gale and his analyst also raised questions on the competition and other key topics. Overall, this was a positive meeting, and I am hoping to continue this discussion with him.)

Chad Richardson (5 Star – Michael is very intelligent and is interested in entrepreneur’s ides.)

Mr. Gale has been integral to the successful globalization of many leading companies including Macromedia, HAHT, F5, Akamai and Apple.

He has been involved in over one hundred start-ups focused on how to accelerate their growth by leveraging international markets and partnerships.

He is an experienced entrepreneur and investment banker specializing in high growth companies with global ambitions. After spending much of his adult life in Silicon Valley with stints in Asia, Europe and the Middle East; he is now based in Abu Dhabi and spends considerable time in Australia and the UK.

Rasik Thakker - Finding Investors - Tablon b2b

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Rasik Thakker


Meetings Completed: 19


Pranav Shetty (5 Star – Very pleasant person and gave me a headstart on how to raise money)

Patrick Mensah (5 Star – Productive meeting with insightful business opportunities offered to me by the investor)

Shahran Bin Ahmed (3 Star – We met in person on the scheduled day and time and the discussion was to understand the business. After the meeting he asked for a write up to review it with his family. He reverted and gave some valuable feedback.) 

Mayada Alkhakany – (5 Star – Fruitful discussion with clear direction about the next step.)

Mr. Thakker is an MD of Dynamic Trading & Beyond Luxury Investments. He is running his family business for more than 3 decades now. He has couple of other businesses under his investment portfolio. Being an active investor he is looking for businesses with proven success or with disruptive business model.

If your business can make more than 30% profits, it will be good point of discussion. He likes to meet agile founders in-person & have a chat with them to understand their strengths. Rasik likes to keep investment structure simple & understandable! He is also open to provide working capital for established profitable SMEs.

Adel Alawadhi - Finding Investors - Tablon b2b

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Adel Alawadhi


Meetings Completed: 21


Ronnie Leyes (5 Star – Mr. Adel is a seasoned businessman who raised specific and relevant questions about our startup, including on the financial forecast and other key topics. This was a positive meeting, and I am hoping to continue this discussion with him.)

Shahran Bin Ahmed (5 Star – The meeting went very well. Thank you.) 

Mr. Alawadhi is the Chairman of a very well-know “Corporate Business Group”. He is also a Senior Advisor, Public Policy Expert, Board Member, Economic Advisor, Coach, Family Office and Business Advisor, Corporate Social Responsibility Gure, Investor & Governance Expert.

A Senior Executive and proven leadership with significant achievement in contributing to the business through growth, acquisition and change management with highly extensive experience in governments and private sectors.

Anuraag Guglaani - Finding Investors - Tablon b2b

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Dr Anuraag Guglaani


Meetings Completed: 17


Roi barak (5 Star – It was a very fruitful meeting)

Edward Sharp (4 Star – Some good advice, however advice wasn’t particularly related to funding… all in all a very approachable and easy to talk to gentleman.)

Ala’a Gouneem (5 Star – It was very fruitful meeting, I have gained many worthwhile advices for my start-up, I hope we will meet again after implementing these advices for the next improving and sucess steps.thank you Dr.Anuraag and tablon team)

Deepak Bhatia (4 Star – Meeting was good)

Dr. Anuraag Guglaani, sits on the board of some of the largest Family business Groups in Middle East. Africa and South west Asia.

He has invested and operated in 42 industries and 24 countries and is also the Managing Partner & CEO of Wazir Advisors.

He is a renowned Family Business Doctor involved in Strategizing and transforming Growth, Profitability and Expansion of businesses and has been living in UAE, Saudi, Qatar and Oman for last 27 years while operating between India to Turkey.

Dr Guglaani is the Proud recipient of most coveted medals of honor: “ The US President’s Lifetime Achievement Award”, “The President’s Volunteer Service Award” from US President’s White House Office, Global Humanitarian award ,Top 100 change Maker, Global Icon and International Excellence awards, UAE Super 100 etc.

Ivan Kroshnyi - Finding Investors - Tablon b2b

Ivan Kroshnyi


Meetings Completed: 9


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Mr. Kroshnyi is an investor, entrepreneur, investment expert, business angel, and personal business mentor.

He launches & invests in green projects whose mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives. Since January 2021, he has been living and working in Dubai. In the span of 8 years, he started 26 companies jointly with his partners in 19 countries across the globe. He is active in all those companies & has been running them remotely. He is currently living and working in Dubai.

Mr. Kroshnyi has built an international group of companies that consists some of the below businesses: 1) Eco Way, the longest range delivery electric bikes 2) Roasters Specialty Coffee House, a Dubai-based coffee shop chain offering a franchise option 3) Flexible Investment Solutions 4) Gerchik & Co, a brokerage company 5) SharPay payment system 6)Magnify, a UAE consulting company. This year, he is also launching few more projects in healthcare.

Peter Balint - Finding Investors - Tablon b2b

Peter Bálint


Meetings Completed: 9


Anna grazia Lecca  (5 Star – Very Downhearted listener. Investor of great caliber. Supportive with a sharp mindset.)

Shahran Bin Ahmed (5 Star – Just done with meeting it went well الحمد لله.) 

Mr. Balint is an investment professional with 20+ years of experience. He has invested into growing companies in various industries.
Having a well known investment profile; he sits on a board of private & listed companies. He also has made a good network among a wide range of VCs & Family Offices.
Dominic Marracco - Finding Investors - Tablon b2b

Dominic Marrocco


Meetings Completed: 11


Tuomas Lehtovirta (5 Star – Dominic gave very good different perspectives to our business and valuable advises. Will stay in touch.)

Erukana julius Obin (5Star – Meeting the Investors with Tasleem has openned my eyes to start thinking big and built my confidence that i can win,whatsoever it cost,it calls for determination,thank you so much.)

Professor Dominic Marrocco is a Serial Entrepreneur and Distinguished Professor of Technology Commercialisation & Renewable Energy.

Professor Marrocco retired at 30 following a series of successful Telcom’s and Internet projects in the UK and is widely regard as the foremost in his space.

Marrocco became a global professor & advisor by funding in countless startups. His protfolio also includes intellectual property ventures within academia, public and private sectors across a broad range of technologies.

Marrocco was recently awarded his UAE Golden Visa for Outstanding Ability in his field and has recently launched $1bn fund in AI and Super Distributed Compute with several other market leaders. He is a principle partner at Computity venture fund seeking to expand $1bn of additional capital space in the GCC region and Latin America.

Zvonimir Baljak - Finding Investors - Tablon b2b

Zvonimir Baljak


Meetings Completed: 7


Dr Anna Grazia Lecca – (5 Star – The meeting was very pleasant, in a relaxing atmosphere where the conversation was naturally flowing. It was interesting to notice how even different opinions were taken into such high respect and appreciation. Great meeting!)

Mr. Zvonimir is a Managing Partner at 3B Partners, a Private Capital Group focused on Private Markets, investing and building disruptive data-driven companies. He is closely associated with CB Alliance, a single-family office based in NYC that manages $1B+. His focus is Technology, mainly Data, Risk and Credit.
Zvonimir participated in several successful acquisitions in Latin America and had a role of Data Strategist in CIAL Dun & Bradstreet, leading commercial data provider in LATAM that covers 43 countries.
Also, he is a Co-Founder of Rye Labs, an innovation lab focused on building and investing in Fintech solutions that successfully launched “Buy Now, Pay Later” financing platform in Brazil.
Before his current role, Zvonimir worked in PwC Corporate Finance assisting financial and corporate clients on both buy and sell sides. He participated in various transactions across different industries.
Zvonimir holds BBA in International Business and Finance from Rochester Institute of Technology, as well as Executive Education in Investment Management with Python and ML from EDHEC Business School, Paris.
Vaidotas Mėlynavičius - Finding Investors - Tablon b2b

Vaidotas Mėlynavičius


Meetings Completed: 7


Hussein Chahine – (5 Star – It was a good networking meeting. My project size and sector is not within his field of expertise though. Thanks)

Mr. Vaidotas is an investor and CIO of Santocedrus Capital, a single family office headquartered in Monaco. He has more than 15 years of professional experience in M&A, private equity transactions as well as alternative investments.
His track record includes sourcing, executing and managing various real estate, private equity, private credit and venture capital investments (both through funds and direct investments). In addition to that, Vaidotas is engaged in an active management of a few portfolio companies.

Issac Qureshi


Meetings Completed: 0


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Mr. Qureshi is a forward-thinking professional with 25+ years of diverse achievements in finance, bespoke taxation strategies, business strategy, investments, management, business growth and M&A.

As a motivational leader, he provides comprehensive and data-driven strategies that increase return on investment in various competitive markets. He also forges lasting stakeholder and investor relationships, ensuring the best possible strategic advisory services while navigating the complexities of markets across the globe. 

Using out-of-the-box thinking, he continues to increase profits and exceed all expectations on a consistent basis Key areas of specialization: Mergers & Acquisitions / Specialist Taxation Strategy / Analytics / Deal Structuring / Investment & Fund Management / Business Development / Executive Leadership / Global Business / Innovation / Market Evaluations / Stakeholder Engagement / Investor Relations / Accountancy Practices / Digital Services / eCommerce / Innovation / Asset & Wealth Protection / Stock Market Strategy / Partnerships / Marketing & Fundraising.
Shafaat Hashmi - Finding Investors - Tablon b2b

Shafaat Hashmi


Meetings Completed: 23


Anonymous (3 Star – I prefer direct meeting which may have more chances to explain in detail to the investors.)

Michel Jhon Vargas (1 Star – Still looking for investor who can invest in my business.)

Peter Vangunster (5 Star – It was really good Got some great advice from Mr. Shafaat.)

Tarik Salahuddin (5 Star – We are looking forward to meeting Mr. Safaat and discussing more. It was great!) 

Nabila CHEMILLIER (3 Star – Mr Shafaat was more interested in proposing and selling his services rather than helping to fine-tune and improve presentation to investors)

Edward Sharp – (4 Star – Some good advice, however advice wasn’t particularly related to funding… all in all a very approachable and easy to talk to gentleman.)

Mr. Shafaat Hashmi is a global business titan with esteemed roles as Chairman of Stalliongates Investments, President of Hashemite Holdings, and CEO of BrandBeat Global. With a business lineage, his journey embodies innovation and service.

He’s transformed brand marketing, serving 500+ clients across 23 sectors in 13 years. As a leader, he’s executed 17 successful exits, including 2 Pre-IPOs and 3 REITs, with a portfolio exceeding USD 500M AUM.

Recently, Stalliongates Capital, under his leadership, was featured in the news for executing 7 venture capital deals with women-led startups in the MENA region, emphasizing their commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs. Shafaat’s legacy is his unwavering dedication to value, service, and genuine intent.

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